Patients tell their experiences after taking DETOKA.


Ovarian and breast cancer STAGE 1

Ms. Praphai Rinraksa, age: 50 years old

“When I first knew I had cancer, I was very stressed because I was worried it couldn’t be cured and it must cost a lot for treatment. I also did not want to get chemotherapy medications because I was old. I was worried that my body could not cope with it. Later, a relative who was a nurse suggested that I change my lifestyle, including my diet and improvement of mental health. Also, she let me try to take DETOKA.

At first, I took 3 pills 3 times a day according to the treatment dosage. During the first 2-3 days of taking, I felt a bit dizzy and the body was hot as if I got a fever. The relative let me reduce the dosage to 2 pills for 3 times a day. The dizziness was then gone. I did not feel tired and I could eat more.

People told me that my face looked brighter. After taking 2 bottles, I had a blood test. The results showed that I had much lower cancer values which surprised my doctor. But the tumor was there. So I continued taking it for about 1 month.

Recently, I just had a blood check and an ultrasound. The results show that I don’t have the cancer tumor anymore. I am very happy because I did not think that I could be treated. But eventually, I am cured. Now my quality of life is a lot better. I can eat well, sleep well and have energy. I am very happy.”

Currently, the latest check-up results show no cancer cells.

*Results vary depending on the body condition and different factors of the individuals.

Case: Breast cancer STAGE 1

Ms. Charun Phromkhot, age: 68 years old

“I normally have an annual health check-up because I have a congenital disease – high blood pressure. I always have to take blood pressure medications. Lately, when I had a blood check, the doctor told me I had breast cancer. At that time I thought I would certainly die. I was so scared and did not know what to do.

The doctor prescribed chemotherapy immediately. But a relative who went with me stopped me. Because I was old, she was afraid that my condition would get worse if I got chemotherapy. Luckily, my relative has a friend who is a nurse. She recommended me to try DETOKA.

During the first 2-3 days, I felt itchy on the parts with cancer. The body was warm. And I urinated very often because during the time I took DETOKA, the relative told me to drink a lot of water to eliminate toxins from the body.

After taking 3 bottles, I had a check-up again. I found that the cancer value was lower. Both the doctor and I were excited. I felt comforted that I chose the right way to treat it. So I told my relative that I wanted to continue taking it.

What also happened was that my blood pressure value also came back to normal even though I did not take blood pressure medication at all during the time I took DETOKA. When I started to get sick, I could not eat anything. I often felt dizzy. But now I eat a lot and feel a lot fresher.”

Results of cancer values, before taking and after taking.

Level of CA 15-3 (breast cancer) = 33.6 U/ml. After taking DETOKA, it reduced to 27.4 U/ml.

*Results vary depending on the body condition and different factors of the individuals.

Case: Chronic Hepatitis B. She was diagnosed that her liver cells had started to split up and were becoming cancer cells.

Ms. Thiwarin Na Nakorn, age: 47 years old | Occupation: Office worker

“I have had Chronic Hepatitis B for a long time. Last year, I came to have a body check-up with Dr.Chatchai at Absolute Health. The doctor suggested that I check for mutation of cancer cells. This mutation can be detected since Stage 0 using a Japanese laboratory technology by Dr. Kobayashi.

I had a blood test and found that liver cells had already begun splitting into cancer cells … in Stage 0. Without treatment, they would become tumor. Fortunately, it was detected in the first stage.

Dr. Chatchai gave me a treatment instantly by Ozone Therapy. This was done by 2 methods. The first method was done by taking the blood out to fill with Ozone and injecting them back into the body, so that Ozone would kill virus in the liver cells. The other method was done by injecting Ozone via the anus so that Ozone could travel into the liver faster.

After that, I was treated with Mega-dose Vitamin C, Chelation for detoxification. This was because I was diagnosed with very high concentration of heavy metals such as mercury and lead. The problem during the treatment was that I felt dizzy and had a fever.

My younger sister suggested that I take Enzyme DETOKA to help with the treatment during the treatment period and to boost the effectiveness of the treatment. It was very helpful. I haven’t had dizziness nor a fever again.

After 2 months, I had a new blood test and the results showed that the liver cells had stopped splitting abnormally. There were no cancer cells. Now, it has been almost a year that I have taken DETOKA every day in the morning and evening. I’ve also checked for the viral load value for Hepatitis B. Every time that I had a check-up, Hepatitis B virus decreases and the doctor who treats Hepatitis B for me told me that now I am not a patient for Hepatitis B anymore. Certainly, I feel that I am strong. I can exercise every day without feeling tired. I feel that I’m much fitter than before.”

Case: Breast cancer

Khun Wilaiwan Thawichsri, age: 62 years old | Former Deputy Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand. She has currently retired for 2 years.

“Before retirement, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. The doctor told me to have chemotherapy. My dear sister was active in an alternative medicine community of Anti Aging. She suggested to me that before getting chemotherapy, I had to prepare my body to be ready, especially on the aspect of immunity, so that I could go through the chemotherapy until the end of the program as scheduled by the doctor.

In addition, if I prepared myself well with immunity at a good level and had a good level of white blood cells, I would not be infected easily and I wouldn’t have any complication while I was on chemotherapy. I heard that people could be very weak while getting chemotherapy and it would be easy to be infected by diseases. Some of them passed away before the chemotherapy finished. They didn’t die because of cancer but rather it was because of complications that attacked the body while the level of immunity was low. This low level of immunity was caused by chemotherapy.

I believed in her suggestion. Before I had chemotherapy, I had Vitamin C injection via saline cord. I took DETOKA to boost immunity enzyme. When I had chemotherapy, I felt dizzy and tired. However, I recovered by sleeping for just one day and I lived normally after that.

For a while after that, I began to have hair loss. I wasn’t worried at all because I had prepared for this. I had bought many styles of wigs to wear. At the time, I still had to work and meet many people every day. They all told me that they couldn’t believe that I was a cancer patient who was in a process of chemotherapy because I looked strong and normal. I didn’t look like a sick person.

When I was due to attend each chemotherapy session, the doctor had a blood test to check the level of blood cells and immunity. This was to determine whether I was ready to attend the following chemotherapy or not. I always passed the test without failing it once.

The important thing was that I was not sick, tired or getting infections. I could live normally.

Once I finished the process of chemotherapy, the doctor told me that I didn’t have cancer cells anymore. I only had to visit the doctor by appointment to monitor the level of tumor marker constantly. I still took DETOKA Enzyme regularly to boost my immunity.

What I like the most is that I felt much stronger. Lately, one of my relatives who had influenza came to visit me at my house. All of my family members, including me, were infected. I took 3 pills of DETOKA with all 3 meals. I was badly sick for only one day and I got better. I admit that the immunity level decreases when we get older. If there is anything that can do to help the immunity level, I will do it. Nobody wants to be sick and nobody wants to have cancer.”

Patient with a high level of heavy metal accumulation in blood, tells about her experience.


Case: Getting sick often. And she was diagnosed with a high level of heavy metal accumulation.

Ms. Nandaphat Thanasukonthasit, age: 31 years old | Occupation: Office worker

“In the past, I was sick very often. I was admitted to the hospital 3 times a year because I worked hard, I drank a lot, I felt tired and I didn’t feel fresh. When the weather changed, I would have sore throat and would have a fever instantly. It took me a long time to recover.

Fortunately, there was an annual health check-up in my office. I was diagnosed with a high level of heavy metal accumulation in the body. Because of this, I began to find information on how to get rid of heavy metal from my body.

At that time, there was a sister in my office who suggested me to take DETOKA because it can help to eliminate poisonous substances in my body. In the first 2-3 weeks that I took it, I didn’t feel tired and I had plenty of energy. I recovered quickly when I was sick. My immunity seemed to be better too.

In the past, I would be in bed for at least 3-4 days when I was sick. After taking DETOKA, I was sick less often and I recovered quickly when I was sick.

Nowadays, when I feel that I have a sore throat, I will start taking 4 pills of DETOKA in the morning and before bed. After taking DETOKA for 2 months, I had a check-up for heavy metals again. The level of heavy metals went down. The level of hepatitis went down too.

I felt that both detox and immunity boost were important for the body. I feel glad that I tried DETOKA. My quality of life has really been much better.”

Results from blood tests before and after taking DETOKA.

Level of Arsenic = 0.63 ug/dl. After taking, the level of Arsenic went down to < 0.5 ug/dl.
Level of Lead = 4.6 ug/dl. After taking, the level of lead went down to 1.9 ug/dl.

*Results vary depending on the body condition and different factors of the individuals.  

Case: Getting sick often. And she was diagnosed with a high level of heavy metal accumulation.

Ms. Wannika Kunok, age: 36 years old | Occupation: Accountant

“I read an article on Facebook about heavy metals and carcinogenic substances in pickled fish and grilled food. I began to feel scared because I liked to eat pickled fish and grilled foods. As a result, I decided to have a test.

The results showed that I had a high level of Cadmium and Lead in the blood. In the beginning, I felt stressed because I had no idea how to detoxify these heavy metals from my body. A co-worker suggested that I try DETOKA because she had taken it too. I bought it to try.

After taking it for 2 months, I went back for a check-up again. I was excited with the result that the level of heavy metals had gone down. I also felt that my body was fresher. I didn’t feel tired and I didn’t get sick as easily as I had been.

The most important thing I liked was that I was told that my face looked brighter. I think that I will continue taking this because I feel much stronger than I was before.”

Results from blood tests before and after taking DETOKA.

Level of Cadmium = 2.4 ug/dl. After taking, the level of Cadmium went down to 1.0 ug/dl.
Level of Mercury = 0.3 ug/dl. After taking, the level of Mercury went down to < 0.1 ug/dl.

*Results vary depending on the body condition and different factors of the individuals.  

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