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Up grades and raises your level of immunity too! DETOKA prevents cancerous cell mutation.


DETOKA’s unique bio-enzyme innovations include:

1. Enzymes and probiotic microorganism extracts:

Detox and clean toxins in the blood / Remove carcinogens / Break down cancer cell plasma membranes


  • Enzyme Protease gets rid of germs and foreign matter in the blood, as well as breaks down cancer cell plasma membranes.
  • Enzyme Catalase gets rid of free radicals and toxins in the blood.
  • Digestive enzyme Lipase, Amyalse, Protease are enzymes that digest starch, fat and protein in the body.
  • Metabolic enzyme repairs damaged DNA cells and restores the cells to their normal working state.

Bacteriocins extracted from a special breed of microorganisms:

  • Pediocins & Nisins break down toxins from bacteria and fungi which are causes of disease.
  • Toxin Killer substance from Pichia Farinose helps destroy carcinogenic toxins, aflatoxins, insecticides and Clostridium Botulinum.

Probiotics increase good microorganisms.

Immune boosting mushroom for cancer patients.

Polysaccharide substance from mushroom mycelia (Mycelium extract) selected from 7 types of mushrooms, which enhance immunity against cancer cells, especially Agaricus Blazei Murrill, which has been supported by international studies stating that it is number 1 in anti-cancer contents.

Mushroom extracts are insoluble. The body cannot absorb them.
With DETOKA’s special technology that uses enzymes to break down the extract particles into nanosized molecules, the body can absorb and make use of them.

Benefits of Polysaccharide, Beta 1, 3-D Glucan, Beta 1, 6-D Glucan substance from mushroom mycelia (Mycelium):

  • Increase performance of the immune system, white blood cells, T-cells, Macrophagec, NK Cell.
  • Boost Immune response and prevent formation of cancer cells.
  • Inhibit the spread of cancer cells.
  • Reduce side effects from chemotherapy and radiation.

herbs that eliminate free radicals

Vital essences from Thai herbs have antioxidant effects, reduce inflammation, and prevent the spread of abnormal cells.

  • Interferon is an anti-viral that activates interleukin-1 strengthening the immune system. substances from ginseng
  • Zeaxanthin and lutein enhance the body’s immune system. substance from goji
  • Curcuminoids increase immunoglobulin G (IgG) and has anti-inflammatory properties. substance from turmeric
  • Flavonoids have anti-fungal and microbacterial effects. substance from Boesenbergia rotunda
  • Flavonoids and polysaccharides help fight free radicals. In addition there are amino acids, vitamin A, B3, C, and high quality fiber. Helps slow down absorption of sugar into the bloodstream, starving cancer cells  substance from Opuntia Ficus Indica

4 working steps of DETOKA


Enzymes and Bacteriocin, a microorganism extract, clean toxins and carcinogenic heavy metals in the blood system and destroy carcinogenic bacteria in the body.


Protease Enzyme breaks down cancer cell plasma membranes to help the immune system identify cancer cells more easily, allowing white blood cells to destroy cancer cells quickly.


Polysaccharide substance from the 7 best types of mushrooms which contain the most anti-cancer substances in the world help improve the immune system, increase performance of the immune system, white blood cells, T-cells, Macrophagec, and NK Cell.


Metabolic enzyme is responsible for repairing DNA and restoring the cells to their normal working state.

Who is DETOKA suitable for? Only people with cancer?
Or, can people who only have a cancer risk take it also?

DETOKA can be used with cancer patients, both in an early stage and during chemotherapy.

DETOKA helps enhance the effectiveness of modern medicine treatments and increases the quality of life for cancer patients.

DETOKA is perfect for the group of people who have a risk
of cell mutation into cancer cells.

People who have cancer genes from family genetics are at high risk of getting cancer.


People who are chronic Hepatitis B carriers are 100 times more likely to develop liver cancer than normal people.


People who drink and smoke. Toxins from heavy metals cause cell inflammation and cell mutation into cancer cells.


People who work hard and have a high level of stress. The body will be full of free radicals, causing cell inflammation and cell mutation into cancer cells.


People who work in areas with air pollution, such as in large cities, and exposed to smoke from factories containing carcinogenic lead-bearing heavy metals.


Patients tell their experiences after taking DETOKA.

Case: Ovarian and breast cancer STAGE 1

Ms. Praphai Rinraksa, age: 50 years old

“When I first knew I had cancer, I was very stressed because I was worried it couldn’t be cured and it must cost a lot for treatment. I also did not want to get chemotherapy medications because I was old. I was worried that my body could not cope with it. Later, a relative who was a nurse suggested that I change my lifestyle, including my diet and improvement of mental health. Also, she let me try to take DETOKA.

At first, I took 3 pills 3 times a day according to the treatment dosage. During the first 2-3 days of taking, I felt a bit dizzy and the body was hot as if I got a fever. The relative let me reduce the dosage to 2 pills for 3 times a day. The dizziness was then gone. I did not feel tired and I could eat more.

People told me that my face looked brighter. After taking 2 bottles, I had a blood test. The results showed that I had much lower cancer values which surprised my doctor. But the tumor was there. So I continued taking it for about 1 month.

Recently, I just had a blood check and an ultrasound. The results show that I don’t have the cancer tumor anymore. I am very happy because I did not think that I could be treated. But eventually, I am cured. Now my quality of life is a lot better. I can eat well, sleep well and have energy. I am very happy.”

Currently, the latest check-up results show no cancer cells.

*Results vary depending on the body condition and different factors of the individuals.  

Case: Chronic Hepatitis B. She was diagnosed that her liver cells had started to split up and were becoming cancer cells.

Ms. Thiwarin Na Nakorn, age: 47 years old | Occupation: Office worker

“I have had Chronic Hepatitis B for a long time. Last year, I came to have a body check-up with Dr.Chatchai at Absolute Health. The doctor suggested that I check for mutation of cancer cells. This mutation can be detected since Stage 0 using a Japanese laboratory technology by Dr. Kobayashi.

I had a blood test and found that liver cells had already begun splitting into cancer cells … in Stage 0. Without treatment, they would become tumor. Fortunately, it was detected in the first stage.

Dr. Chatchai gave me a treatment instantly by Ozone Therapy. This was done by 2 methods. The first method was done by taking the blood out to fill with Ozone and injecting them back into the body, so that Ozone would kill virus in the liver cells. The other method was done by injecting Ozone via the anus so that Ozone could travel into the liver faster.

After that, I was treated with Mega-dose Vitamin C, Chelation for detoxification. This was because I was diagnosed with very high concentration of heavy metals such as mercury and lead. The problem during the treatment was that I felt dizzy and had a fever.

My younger sister suggested that I take Enzyme DETOKA to help with the treatment during the treatment period and to boost the effectiveness of the treatment. It was very helpful. I haven’t had dizziness nor a fever again.

After 2 months, I had a new blood test and the results showed that the liver cells had stopped splitting abnormally. There were no cancer cells. Now, it has been almost a year that I have taken DETOKA every day in the morning and evening. I’ve also checked for the viral load value for Hepatitis B. Every time that I had a check-up, Hepatitis B virus decreases and the doctor who treats Hepatitis B for me told me that now I am not a patient for Hepatitis B anymore. Certainly, I feel that I am strong. I can exercise every day without feeling tired. I feel that I’m much fitter than before.”

The outstanding and unique characteristics of DETOKA

1. Protease Enzyme in DETOKA is an enzyme extracted from microorganisms which are 5,000 times more effective than plant-extracted enzymes in breaking down protein. 1 capsule of DETOKA contains 200 Iu of Protease Enzyme, which can break down 10 million particles of protein substrate/second.

2. There is Catalase Enzyme in DETOKA which has an effect in speeding up the reaction in breaking down free radicals within cells, quickly reducing cell inflammation.

3. There are mushroom extracts in DETOKA which have been certified by cancer institutions internationally for having the most and the second most amount of anti-cancer substances in the world, namely Agaricus Blazei Murrill with 40 mg and Grifola Maitake mushroom with 25 mg.

4. Did you know? Mushroom extracts are insoluble. The body cannot absorb them. With DETOKA‘s special manufacturing process, the enzyme will break down particles of mushroom extracts into nanosized molecules which allow the body to absorb and make use of the nutrients.

5. DETOKA is manufactured by PICO Lab which is the only laboratory in Asia which owns the innovative technology in enzyme fermentation from a special breed of microorganisms which have high effectiveness.

6. DETOKA‘s enzyme containing capsules are dark and opaque vegetarian capsules in order to maintain the quality of the enzyme. Moreover, they are made from tapioca starch. Therefore, people who are vegetarian, and Muslims can take them without worry.

7. DETOKA is manufactured with 100% natural extracts. Enzymes and microorganisms in DETOKA products are certified with a safety standard by institutions and organizations both inside and outside the country.

How to take it:

1. Take it to boost the immune system in order to eliminate and inhibit the spread of abnormal cells.

  • Take 3 pills 3 times a day when your stomach is empty, namely before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • For patients who wake up late and the time for breakfast and lunch are close to each other, it is recommended to take this in early afternoon. However, it has to be taken while your stomach is empty. Hence, you should manage your time well so that you take DETOKA exactly for 3 times.
  • Patients who are taking prescription medication from doctors should take DETOKA before 30 minutes after taking other medicine.
  • You must drink 1 big glass (250 CC) of water once every half hour. Keep doing this all day. On average, you should drink 2.5 – 3 liters of water per day.

2. Take it to enhance immunity, remove toxins and heavy metals, and to prevent cancerous mutations.

  • Take 3 pills 2 times a day when your stomach is empty, namely before breakfast and at bedtime. (You have to take this when your stomach is empty).
  • After that, drink 1 big glass (250 CC) of water. On average, you should drink 1.5 – 2.5 liters per day. This is because water is an important factor for DETOKA to be effective. If you do not drink water, DETOKA will not be effective.
  • For those who have problems of regularly waking up to go to the toilet at night, you should adjust the time and take DETOKA before dinner.

How will I feel while I take DETOKA?

While taking DETOKA, what happens to you is:

1. Frequent urination, because enzymes in DETOKA are metabolic enzymes which work to burn energy at the cell level to get rid of toxins in the body. It will be discarded through the urine. This is the reason why you will urinate very frequently. Nonetheless, you do not have to worry that the kidneys will have to work hard because enzymes in DETOKA will break down the toxins and make it non-toxic before sending it through the kidneys, in order not to become a burden for the kidneys.

2. Some people may have a fever, feel muscle and joint pain, as well as feel itchiness all over the body. These symptoms are found among cancer patients and people who have a lot of heavy metal toxicity or antibiotics accumulated in the body. When taking DETOKA, the enzyme will pull toxins out of the cells, making you feel itchy on the skin and possibly have body sores. While a large amount of toxin is in the blood, the body’s immune system will work automatically to increase your body temperature to help get rid of the toxins. This is why you will have a fever as if being sick.

What you have to do is to drink a lot of water frequently – every 30 minutes. There is no need to take antipyretic medication.
Please remember that you are in the process of detoxification to remove toxins from your body. Getting a fever is a part of the healing process while the body is self-healing. This fever will typically happen during the first 2-3 days.

A report of studies on anti-cancer extracts in mushrooms by The University of Tokyo and NCI-designated Cancer Centers from the United States

Test Results: Anticancer Properties of Mushrooms conducted on guinea pigs

RankName of fungusDaily dosage Anticancer Effect
1Agaricus blazei Murill *contained in DETOKA10mmg99.4%
2Grifola umbellate (Maitake) *contained in DETOKA10mmg98.5%
3Phellinus yucatensis 30mmg96.5%
4Tricholoma matsutake
5Phellinus igniarius
6Pholiota nameko
7Flammulina velutipes30mmg81.1%
8Lentinus edodes (Shiitake) *contained in DETOKA
9Ganoderma lucidum (Lingzhi) *contained in DETOKA
10Coriolus versicolor *contained in DETOKA30mmg77.5%
11Pleurotus osteatus30mmg75.3%
12Lenzites betulina
13Elfringia applanata
14Fomitopsis pincicola
15Fomitopsis cytisna30mmg44.2%

Amount of anti-cancer extracts from mushrooms
contained in 1 capsule of DETOKA

Agaricus blazei mycelium Mushroom 50 mg
Grifola frondosa mycelium Mushroom 20 mg
Lentinus edodes mycelium Mushroom 20 mg
Ganoderma lucidum mycelium Mushroom 40 mg
Coriolus versicolor mycelium Mushroom 20 mg
Cordyceps sinensis mycelium Mushroom 70 mg
Hericiume rinaceus mycelium Mushroom 20 mg

Amount of active contents in 1 capsule of DETOKA

Stop mutation and metastasis
 with detoxification of the circulatory system and cells 
and completely boost immune function.


Get to know 5 breeds of microbe in DETOKA
Boosting immunity against cancer cells.

How can Protease enzyme in DETOKA
help you to fight with cancer cells?

Protease enzyme gets rid of free radicals and heavy metals which can damage DNA. It helps prevent cell mutation into cancer cells.

Protease enzyme digests foreign virus in blood system.

Protease enzyme digests cancer cell plasma membrane protein so that the white blood cells can penetrate and quickly kill cancer cells.

Protease Enzyme in DETOKA is an extracted enzyme from 5 breeds of probiotic microorganisms. It is highly efficient. There is 200 Iu of Protease Enzyme in 1 capsule of DETOKA.



DETOKA Enzymes

Contains 90 Veggie Caps.


The enzymes and microorganisms in Healthy MD products have been certified by both domestic and international institutes and organizations:

    1. The Global Health Security World Health Organization Geneva 2003 reported on the groups of microorganisms not to be harmful to humans, plants, and animals (Bio Safety Level 1) with high confidence.
    2. Japan Food Research Laboratories have also certified these not to be harmful to humans and animals, even when used in an amount of 21,000 milligrams per kilogram of body weight.
    3. The Quality Accreditation Body of Europe (Neotron, Italy) reported the results of their analysis on the contamination of heavy metals – cadmium, lead, radioactive, carcinogens – aflatoxin, B1, B2, G1, G2, insecticide in the group of 49 kinds of organophosphates, 17 kinds of Pyrethroid, and 13 kinds of Acarisite. It was found that the volume of heavy metals is well under the standard levels.
    4. The Health Research Institute, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health, revealed the results of their analysis that there is no bacteria and mold causing any disease to humans and animals.
    5. Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Public Health.

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